Photo by Oma Liz

A woman is like a teabag ~
You don’t know how strong she is
Until she gets into hot water.
Eleanor Roosevelt

That lady was one of the great humanists, and when you read about her in Poison Ivy~Eleanor Roosevelt~Breakneck Ridge 
(Category Education et al) 
and learn what
she taught me, you’ll know it’s so.

Yes, I have explored the various forms of humanism and
now am a religious humanist and, as such, celebrate all categories of humanists from Greek times through the Renaissance
and Age of Reason to the present day. We believe that
people share the same sensorial organization and
mental structure. We all live in the real world. We
celebrate science, which is creative and not
destructive, and is ethical. We affirm life, accept
and give love without strings attached, reject evil, and
 do our best on so many levels.  We have a concern
for others and want to help. Personal liberty is an
end that must combine with social responsibility; it is a way of life.

There are those who cannot bear Humanism and who claim to know people like me better than we know our own selves. They are entitled to
their opinion, and I am entitled to mine. I don’t read their blogs
and they certainly don’t have to read mine.

So be it. Among so many giants of  Humanism, I particularly listen to the timeless voices of  Carl Gustav Jung – Thomas More – J.R.R. Tolkien – Unitarians and Quakers and Methodists and Buddhists and Confucianis and Zoroastrians – Stephen Jay Gould – T S Eliot – Phillip Melanchthon – Jesus – Jimmy Carter – Gene Roddenberry – Carl Sagan – Jean-Paul Sartre – G K Chesterton – Benjamin Bloom – Julian Huxley – Carl Rogers – John Dewey – Abraham Maslow – and the list goes on – I’m in good company.

~ Have a good day ~



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