Canvasback Duck Print for 1984 Duck Stamps by Thomas Hirata

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CATEGORY                                                    TITLE 
<>ANIMAL WORLDS ~ If Charlie Brown Can Say “IT” ~ What’s “It”? “It” is r-a-t-s. I like them as much as I do snakes.
<>ANIMAL WORLDS ~ The Goose Whisperer ~ Like geese. Don’t love ‘em like snakes.
<>ANIMAL WORLDS ~ Why Did You Ask Me That? ~ Adventures with snakes. I like snakes.
<>ANIMAL WORLDS ~ Filet and Mignon ~ Born In Phoenix Zoo ~ My Eight Year Love Affair with my cats
<>ANIMAL WORLDS ~ Chiggers ~ I Hate Them ~ They Itch ~ They’re Tiny ~ They’re a (expletive deleted).

 <>BEGINNINGS ~ Blood is Thicker Than Water ~Mom and I escape the Nazis 1938 
<>BEGINNINGS ~ Poem – Just Move On ~ My survival philosophy.

CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  Purple Minerals ~ Prettier than stained glass
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  Turtles ~ Turtle and diver are both alive*

<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  Fourth of July ~ Great shots! Straight from the TV! 
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  Cool Cats ~ One is made of pencils*, y’know
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  Blue II ~ There are so many shades of blue, eh?
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  Is The Sky Always Blue? ~ Not when storms are around
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ ~ But Not A Drop To Drink ~ Inside and outside Love water
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ ~ Glass II – Stained and colored glass is a favorite of mine 
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ ~ Nesting Isn’t Only For Birds ~ Note the Beatles and Bill Clinton
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ ~ Art Is Everywhere ~ Even in museums
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ Pot Pouri I ~ Animals Minerals ~ No Vegetables
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ ~ Animals Dead, Alive, Carved ~ The mastodon is dead
CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ ~Animals Carved, Wrapped, Ceramic  ~ More collectibles
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  Desktop Art ~ My Friends Are Very Talented, Indeed 
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ ~ Gentians Of The Pine Barrens ~ Took Over 27 Years To Succeed!
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ Blue World ~ More shades of blue
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ ~ Glass III ~ The mushrooms are quartz, not glass They are hand carved
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ ~Rancocas Creek, NJ ~ Great End of Summer Day
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ ~ Hearts And <> More Hearts ~ This Shape Is Seen All Over The Place
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ ~ Meeeee—wwww No Live Cats ~ Hmmm, More Collectibles
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ Looking For A Windmill ? ~ Do Y O U See Don Quixote?
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ ~ Pink Above-Middle-Below ~ Mother Nature Is Grand
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ Shell Game ~ Conchology Lives!
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ Family photos from the 30′s through the 90′s
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ Family photos II ~ 90’s through 2011
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ Some “Eye Candy” To Admire The heart symbolizes love of Art
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ Green is great, no matter what shade it is
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ Exotic NATIVE Plants of Longwood Gardens 
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ Kachina Dolls ~ Part my collection and Part in museums
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ ~ More Minerals ! I love their fluorescence
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ This and That From Philly to the Outer Banks
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ Water at Phila Art Museum ~ Yes, Liz DID the “Rocky” Steps
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ Easter Sunday At Our Church  ~ Everyone Else Had Left For Dinner
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ April Flowers Without Showers ~ April is Eye-candy month

<>CAMERA  COLLAGES  ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ Water ~ Sky ~ Reflections NJ is extremely scenic you know
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ Minerals Mostly From China and Mexico ~ I love that Kissy Monster at upper left
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ Water Reflections near New Bern, NC  ~ The brown water is called “Tea Water”.
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ July 4th was on July 3rd in 2012 ~ And the fireworks were  delightful in Medford, NJ
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES OF PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ From My Garden ~ And other places nearby
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ Water In Summer ~ Is always a great experience
<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ AMMONITE FOSSILS ~ The Earth’s Most Gorgeous. Look for the woman’s face in lower left.

<>CAMERA  COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ Purple, Purple, Purple ~ Hues Galore of This Gorgeous Color<>CAMERA 
<>COLLAGES ©PHOTOS BY LIZ  ~ Mushrooms and Queen Anne’s Lace – Two Separate Collages

<>COCKROACHES ~ EncROACHments ~  TRUE TALES OF COCKROACH ADVENTURES AND ME. Concerning roaches and … Immigrants, NYC roach wars, Step on it, Costa Rica Earthwatch, Handing them around to be petted, Cranky old codgers

<>EDUCATION, PHILOS, SCIENCE ~ New Clear Glass? No. Unconscionable Pun ~Me at the almost meltdown at the Salem Nuclear Plant.
<>EDUCATION, PHILOS, SCIENCE ~ Poison Ivy and even Eleanor Roosevelt. Eleanor R: my mentor when I was sixteen. Breakneck Ridge rock-climbing ~ lessons learned the hard way.
<>EDUCATION, PHILOS, SCIENCE ~ Brownout ~ Of all the color families, brown is my favorite.
<>EDUCATION, PHILOS, SCIENCE ~ Childhood Diseases to 21st Century ~ Sis and I had some interesting diseases back then
<>EDUCATION, PHILOS, SCIENCE ~ All Shook Up ~ Apologies to Elvis  – Earthquakes I have experienced 
<>EDUCATION, PHILOS, SCIENCE ~ All Snakes…Some Profs Are Deaf  ~ I like snakes, but professors are 50/50.
<>EDUCATION, PHILOS, SCIENCE ~ Incidence and Coincidence ! Burl Ives and ? A Delightful Lenten Tale
<>EDUCATION, PHILOS, SCIENCE ~ Cringe ~ A Five Hundred Word Challenge From Eva        

<>FAITH & OTHER DIMENSIONS ~ Annie .. The Other Dimension ~ I met a real ghost. The police agree.
<>FAITH & OTHER DIMENSIONS ~ My Name Is Fred ~ thus my Holocaust bitterness abruptly ends
<>FAITH & OTHER DIMENSIONS ~ Martin Luther, Two Bishops  ~ Our bishop’s humor: defining love. 
<>FAITH & OTHER DIMENSIONS ~ Celebration Of Romans 14 ~ Human rights are in the Bible and in my heart
<>FAITH & OTHER DIMENSIONS ~ Make A Joyful Noise … Crickets, Too ~ All sorts of visitors at our church.

<>GETTING TO  THERE (ADVENTURES) ~ Packing It In ~ It’s the u-n-packing I despise. I have solutions.
<>GETTING TO  THERE (ADVENTURES) ~ Getting to Roswell ~ No UFO’s ~ Just millions of grasshoppers.
<>GETTING TO  THERE (ADVENTURES) ADVENTURE ~ Why I Don’t Fly … Think Homeland Security ~ Those inspectors are incompetent at times.
 <>GETTING TO  THERE (ADVENTURES) ~ My Aspirations Began In NYC ~ NYC catered to my sense of adventure.
 <>GETTING TO  THERE (ADVENTURES) ~ Patience Is Golden ~ Why I do not look for or pan for gold.
 <>GETTING TO  THERE (ADVENTURES) ~ AUTOMANIAC ~ “We Girls” are driving and old truck and a new Mercedes from Utah to Arizona. Only the names, etc …

<>FIRST, AUSTRIA AND AFTERWARDS, USA ~ Tapestry Of Life ~ Six Degrees of Separation ~ 1940′s Swimwear ~ Playing Für Elise
 <>FIRST, AUSTRIA AND AFTERWARDS, USA ~  Step Right Up … and Fall~ Some Of Us Are Born Clumsy

<>JOBS O’ MINE ~ Unexpected Negotiations ~ Life as a (proud) union activist.
<>JOBS O’ MINE ~Men In Black ~ When the Secret Service invaded our museum.
<>JOBS O’ MINE ~September 11, 2001 ~ I will not give in to bullies
<>JOBS O’ MINE ~A Road Less Travelled ~ My Car and I Travel the Navajo Reservation 
<>JOBS O’ MINE ~Islamic Terrorists Make My Day ~ A Serious Case of Mistaken Identity is Almost Amusing.
<>JOBS O’ MINE ~Oh My Gosh. I go on an Earthwatch Expedition to tag Howler Monkeys.

<>MINI TALES ~ Dear Pastor … Why I Wasn’t In Church on Sunday, January 21, 2007
<>MINI TALES ~ Santa’s Got A Gun !? ~ No explanation. He was carrying a gun.
<>MINI TALES ~ Tapestry of Life ~ We humans are all interconnected and woven together.
<>MINI TALES ~ UFO Incident #1 – 1966 ~ After all this time, I still think it was a real UFO.
<>MINI TALES ~ UFO Incident #2 – 1979 ~ True story, but it was not a UFO
<>…MINI TALES ~ UFO Incident #3 – 1997/98 ~ Another true story. Kind of amusing. Check out Roswell for more trip details. (Getting There Category)
<>MINI TALES ~ Ziploc Bags ~ I can prove they’re in my genes
<>MINI TALES ~ Chatter ~ Poem in Three Acts ~ I do not like bullies
<>MINI TALES ~ Bratwurst, Brains, and Balls ~ Gourmet Eating From My Childhood

<>NYC … NJ … Phoenix … NJ ~ Lawful Clashes ~ The first time the FBI took notice of me. There were others later. 
<>NYC … NJ … Phoenix … NJ  ~ Radio City Hall ~ Clean underwear and hats and white gloves, too. 
<>NYC … NJ … Phoenix … NJ ~ Bathing Suit-itis ~ Yes, they were made of real wool ~Yes 
<>NYC … NJ … Phoenix … NJ ~ Live Christmas Tree ~ Some Christmas Trees Survive But Some Don’t

<>PEOPLE ENCOUNTERS ~ The Rich, Famous, and Moi ~ Gypsies. Gabors. Albert E. Banesh.
<>PEOPLE ENCOUNTERS ~ Incidence and Co-incidence ~ meeting A. Einstein, Burl Ives, and Sister Mary Margaret.

<>VENERY ~ NOT AN EXACT SCIENCE, BUT HILARIOUS ~ Updated Monthly starting in July, 2012

<>Wordpress Official Statistics ~ 3,690 hits as of Sept 05, 2012

<>WEBSITES WORTH A LOOK ~ under construction


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