PRINT SCREEN SHOT TRIVIA! If you don’t know how to use Print Screen – it’s the button on your keyboard’s top row just to the right of the Fbuttons. Whatever is on your screen is copied by tapping the Print Screen button. Then, go to Word or Works or Publisher and tap CTRL V — or copy.)

From WordPress Happiness Engineer. Thank you, Velda.
Hi there,

You would be able to change the font size with the CSS/Fonts upgrade. But as much as we love to sell extra features, I think your friends would be much happier if you shared with them this nifty little trick:

Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc) have an option to make the text (and sometimes even the images) look bigger.

Typically they can reach a Zoom or Text Size option through their “View” menu, and many browsers have a keyboard shortcut to make the text as big (or as small) as they’d like.  Usually on a Mac, they would hold down the Option key and either + (bigger), – (smaller), or 0 (reset).  The same commands go for Windows and Linux, only they would hold down Control or CTRL instead of Option.

My older friends have loved this tip.  Not only do they see my sites more clearly, but they’re also able to see just about any site on the web without any trouble.  And even though I’m not (very?) old, I use it myself if I’m browsing without my glasses or contacts. 🙂

I really hope this helps!  If you have questions on this issue, let me know, or feel free to drop in another ticket on any issue, any time.  All the best,

Velda | Happiness Engineer | WordPress.com


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