Cringe ~ A Five Hundred Word Challenge from Eva

            33 delightfully wasted words: Different puns come to mind in relation to the word cringe. They were not really acceptable for my beloved teacher. Eva, I merrily present only two: Cringo Starr and cringebility.            

Of all the diverse components of human actions on Planet Earth which make me cringe, every last one of them deal with behaviors of human beings as they treat self, family, neighbors, nation, world. Each cringe area would certainly loose my wrath for pages of ranting. Which should I choose?

Then a thought blazed through my being. Surely there is a form of human behavior that encompasses all the evil entertainment of the human family. A flash of insight came to me about the most insensitive group of related behaviors which denigrates the human condition on all levels.

No, not tattooed flesh, which is body art and personal graffiti. Nor body rings, though I must admit rings on private parts is nauseating.

High on my Cringe List are women who have their nails sculpted to impossible lengths designed to make fingers totally useless. Often real or false jewels are glued on. Furthermore, nails are then painted in geometric designs, and/or doused with jewels. Some painted designs are even related to the devilish genre and other evil arts. An especially offensive behavior accompanies this artistic aberration: fluttering of fingers.

The royal wedding at the end of April brought out a plethora of disgusting fashion seen at malls, social events, and other places around the world: jagged, uneven hemlines. I believe women are saying I am above you because my hemline is custom made. When the skirt is accompanied by a ghastly, loosely flapping, off the shoulder top whose upper part is somewhere on the wearer’s lower arm, or a sheer top sans bra underneath … ugh. Then topped off, so to speak, with boots ending at the knee, thigh, or pubic area, their couture is complete. Cringe?  I become ill. Believe me, those hats worn at the wedding, which admittedly were bizarre, are nothing compared to the above delineated fashions which I consider a concerted move to drive prostitutes off the streets.

None of these crazes, however, reach what I consider the nadir of current fashion – the current haute monde related to the perversion of stiletto heels and their associative activities. The stilettos are worn with formal and informal wear. If you want to see ugly, misshapen leg bones, see any fashion-related magazine. Women teeter and sway. From the rear, they remind me of an old saying from my teen years, Her rear end looks like two tomcats fighting each other. However, the worst part is to see a woman coming head on to you in stiletto heels. Cringe is not a strong enough word. I do not fear for my life, but for my stomach contents.

What in heaven’s name is coming next?


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