Decade-nt Photos of Oma Liz ~ Actually, they’re me during the past two decades.

   China: September, 2006.  Top left: new friend on Yangtze River. Top right: string figures are universally accepted.

Middle left: We’re both the same age. I have more teeth than her. She looked. Middle right: Yangtze cruise. Jinny with hat.

Bottom left. Tiananmen Gate ~ Jinny and me. Bottom Middle. We arrive at Tiananmen Square. Bottom Middle. On the Yangtze.




                                                                                                    Top left. Lisa, our guide and now my friend in the caves.


Top right. New friends. Universal gestures.

Middle left. Fossil museum. Middle right. Jinny, Sue, me, and guide.

Bottom left. Jinny and me under dinosaur. Bottom Middle. There were elevators to the top of the tower. Bottom right. Lisa and me.




Top left. My 75th birthday adventure 4/21/2009: 49 hour adventure seeing the last two states of the fifty. Omaha here. North Dakota next. Top right. Attitude #1.

Middle left. Lost weight. Me today. Middle right. My sister and me.

Bottom left. I am NOT laughing. It’s a Disney roller coaster ride. Bottom middle. I relate to the simian. Bottom right. On the Navajo Reservation on Thanksgiving Day. Attitude #2.


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