UFO ~ Incident #2 ~ 1979 – – – True story but it was NOT a UFO.

          When we moved to Oak Ridge/West Milford, NJ, we once again choose a Cape Cod home. Unlike our earlier one, this home’s attic had four rooms, two for storage and two for bedrooms. Like the home in Oakland, it too, was nestled into a rather steep hill. The cellar was just three inches below soil level, consequently, the whole area was above ground and had plenty of windows for light.
          Our wooded property abutted the City of Newark Watershed lands, and afforded us alternative access to the Pequannock River, extensive forests and fields, and several cellar holes where homes had once existed.
          In the house, our master bedroom was on the third floor, and provided us a westerly bird’s eye view of the forested lands. Because of our higher level, we were able to see most of the sky. Star watching from one’s bed, with a glass of wine and a good book nearby was certainly the lap of luxury.
          Starting in 1969 and continuing through the 1970’s, reports of UFO’s were rampant throughout the world. Even Jimmy Carter admitted to seeing one! We ignored the brouhaha. Both of us were ardent science fiction readers – please notice the word, fiction.
          Late one evening, we were about to turn off the lights around eleven. After lights out, we would wait a few minutes for our eyes to become accustomed to the darkness. Then we could watch the sky for awhile.
           Abruptly an object, obviously larger than an airliner, arose slowly from the distant tree line, several miles away. It lifted straight up, and then hung there, as if thinking. “OMG!” came from both of us in unison.
           Our binoculars were in our nightstands, and we focused on the thing. Because of the window screens made our view fuzzy, we thought it had a triangular shape, the point in front. Suddenly a half dozen powerful beams of lights started flashing from the UFO. It started moving toward us.
           “Turn off the lights!” we told each other.
           No sooner had we done so, but the UFO, now only a half mile away, turned off its lights and stopped in midair.
           After a long minute, the thing suddenly picked up speed and raced over the house. We leaped from bed and ran downstairs to look out the front door. Nothing was to be seen.
            After returning upstairs, we drank several glasses of wine before falling asleep.
           No news reports were heard the next day. What was going on?
           Without further ado, the next morning, after dropping Karl off at work, I visited the West Milford police station and told my story to the chief and the mayor, both of whom were friends of mine, what had occurred.
           They looked at each other, and the chief said, “Shall we scare her to death?”
           “Naw,” replied the mayor. “Let’s tell the truth, even though it kills me.”
           It seems that there was an experimental, top-secret airport in Dover, about two dozen miles directly west of our town. “They have all sort of weird planes coming out of there,” said the mayor smiling at me. Both of us have had jobs there from time to time. The lights going off were just a coincidence.”                      What a relief! I immediately let Karl know what was going on. For the next few months we saw several more flights.
           Eventually, ten years later, we were able to identify it as a B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber, known for its silence and its maneuverability.
            So, not a UFO, but an IFO, it turned out to be!


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