ME~No Apology

Bronze statue of Monitor Lizard and myself at the Phoenix Zoo in 2010.

     For years, some delightful family members and equally delightful friends have badgered me to write my autobiography – but I couldn’t push the inner me because there were so many memories and extraneous events which I had no desire to re-live.
     Some persons I know take issue with my presentation style, and, confidently say I “exaggerate everything”. In my opinion, they are provincial, i.e. read “dull”.
     Those who really know me and have been on my adventures with me know I speak the truth. Am I, then, overdramatic in person? Yes. Words like spinner of tales, raconteur, drama queen come to mind. These are, after all, synonyms for people with enthusiasm. And I most certainly am enthusiastic about life.
As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been blessed beyond measure by the gifts from God, who has looked after me, even in the days – uh, the years – when I was telling Him how to run my affairs and His. Also, I am blessed with a number of Grade A- Select #1 loving family and friends who really care about me and really love me. The feeling is mutual.
     Because of my checkered career on Earth, I was uncomfortable about writing a chronological autobiography – who wants to relive every stinkin’ little thing that are just major whines? (There are those of you who fondly remember how, back in the early 1980’s, yours truly invented the phrase “whine and dine”!).     Puns, by the way, are part of my mantra, my song.
     What I would like to do are my memoirs about the often amusing and sometimes dramatic “incidents” that have been the joy, drama, exhilaration, entertainment, pleasurable, amusing, compelling, and thought-provoking parts of my life.
     As those who know me best will attest, — and many of you have often been willing or unwilling co-participants — I’m incident prone. I’ve also been involved in psychic phenomena; again, there are those of you who have been part of those incidents.
     Incidents, drama, psychic journeys, and zip-loc bags are part of my genetic makeup. It amuses me greatly.

These pages, then, are definitely not
my chronological autobiography.
What you read here are
♥ My Memoirs
There are no apologies. Welcome to my world.
~ ~ ~ O;-) Oma Liz ~ July 4, 2011 ~ ~ ~
January 5, 2012 ~
Due to numerous requests, for more information I’m adding MY PROFILE, copied from the Blog.
Oma Liz ~ Medford, NJ
Am a retired elementary/college/night school teacher. During my checkered career have been nature columnist on state-wide and national levels, newspaper reporter, photographer, worked for several museums. Enjoy the natural world, decent people, tweaking those who are selfishly ingrown (like a toenail). My blog is all about the adventures I’ve had on various levels. Check my lists of Categories and Recent Posts. On the Welcome to my World Introductory Pages.
As you will find out, I don’t write about the negative parts of my life, with the exception of Beginning – Blood Is Thicker Than Water. Who the heck wants to relive the negative stuff?
Do I have a sense of humor? Yes. Puns? Yes. Sense of History? Yes. Math? Well, no, not quite. Years ago, I did teach the students in my classes about ones/tens/hundreds by having the entire class – led by yours truly, doing a conga (holding on to each others’ shoulders!) through the school hallways chanting, “Ones! Tens! Hundreds! Kick!”
Thank you Carmen Miranda and The Three Caballeros.

So, once again, Welcome to my world ~ Oma Liz 0;-)


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